Speeding up Compile Times with Jom

So you have finally got a decent-sized native project on your hands. You realize that your compile times are beginning to take so long you have to keep a video game on handy (Alt + Tab is your friend) while it builds, links, etc. When the finished compile pops up, you realize that you’ve left out a minus sign on line 529 of Math.cpp. Reluctantly  you close the app that just took 30 seconds to pop up, and go into your IDE (If you have a project this big you better be using one), hit Ctrl + G and go to line 529.

After fixing it, it takes 20 more seconds just to fix that… and it’s just a cycle. A few months back when I got a processor with 8 threads at 4.6 Ghz, I would compile and watch my CPU basically sit on idle. A quick search on Google brought me Jom–a replacement for make (nmake on Windows). You can simply put Jom into the appropriate place and configure your IDE/workflow to build with Jom.

If you are familiar with the command line, you might already be using that -j switch for make that executes more compilation in parallel. Jom simply adds a nice little way to add that automatically to your build environment. If you have Qt Creator, you can automatically add it to your build environment with a simple switch under Options > General.

Screenshot of settings window

Use Jom to speed up your compile times in Qt Creator using the easy setting in the Options menu.

Download Jom from the Qt Project’s website.

Enjoy the full power of your multi-core CPU, finally!


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