MultiEditing Visual Studio Extension

Lately, I’ve been using Sublime Text for some lighter jobs where Visual Studio/Qt Creator just isn’t needed. I have really been loving Sublime Text’s multi-cursor feature. I can’t believe every IDE doesn’t have this! The feature is really, really handy for a lot of cases. However, I stumbled upon this handy Visual Studio plugin that emulates multiple cursors where Visual Studio does not!

It’s free, so I encourage you to pick it up today. I didn’t notice any slowdown from using the plugin, but that’s going to be minute if you have a machine capable of running Visual Studio 2012 with a whole bunch of other extensions + a giant solution (that you have been meaning to organize…). The only thing I could complain about–if I’m allowed to complain since it’s free and I love it so much–would be that some shortcuts that I use in the text editor don’t seem to work across multiple cursors. For me, this is namely the CTRL and SHIFT keys for movement and selection.

You can find the extension on the Visual Studio Extension Gallery website here. The extension worked in C# and C++, and it appears to support other languages as well.

Let me know if there are any other great VS extensions I should check out sometime! I’d also like to hear if you think Visual Studio should include this feature in an upcoming release, because I sure think it would add a great productivity enhancement for editing code.



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